Tell me about yourself – Model Answers Tell me about yourself – Model Answers
Tell me about yourself     Friends, Across the world in all major sectors, be it Information Technology, Finance and Banking or Telecom, personal... Tell me about yourself – Model Answers

Tell me about yourself




Across the world in all major sectors, be it Information Technology, Finance and Banking or Telecom, personal interviews often begin with the question ‘Tell me about yourself’

In this post we will provide tips to answer this question along with some model answers.


Why ‘tell me about yourself’ is the Most Important Interview Question?

‘Tell me about yourself’ is the starting point of your interaction with the interviewer. Responding to it in satisfactory manner actually creates a good first impression. Most of the interviewers will form an opinion about you from the answer to this question itself.

Best part is that, ‘telling about yourself’ is an opportunity to exhibit your oral communication skills and list out job related important qualities that you possess.

More importantly, it is one of the few questions which you can surely expect and prepare well in advance.


What do interviewers check by asking ‘tell me about yourself?’

Interviewers may have any of the following objectives behind asking this questions

  • To check, your oral communication skills
  • To check, how you present the facts
  • To actually get a summary of your life so far
  • Just to make you feel comfortable so that they can ask more complicated job related questions



What points should be included in a model answer to ‘tell me about yourself’?

  • Your Full name (Name + father’s name + Surname)
  • Your home town (If it is a remote location, include district/state name)
  • Occupational details of your parents
  • Occupational details/education of your siblings (if any)
  • Your highest academic qualification with area of specialization
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Work Experience (if any)
  • Your strengths
  • Why you want to join ‘XYZ’ sector?
  • Your career goal


How long should be the answer to ‘tell me about yourself’?

For Competitive Exams: The length of your answer should be such that, while speaking out it should complete within max 70 seconds. Anything beyond then this time limit may bore the interviewers

For Direct Interviews (not as a part of competitive exam): In this case you can stretch up for 120 seconds i.e. 2 minutes. More emphasis should be laid on your work experience and industry specific knowledge/skills

Important: You should speak in an interactive tone, so that it does not sound that you have memorized it thoroughly



Model Answer # 1 (fresher)

I am Rahul Vijaykumar Agarwal from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am a commerce graduate and am currently pursuing Masters in Business Management from Jaipur National University. Including me, we are three members in my family. My father is working in sales department of pharmaceutical company. My mother is a homemaker. Reading autobiographies of famous personalities is my hobby. I live by the principles of honesty and simplicity. I have an analytical bent of mind and feel very comfortable in handling numbers. According to me banking is a fast paced industry wherein any person willing to put in required efforts can make quick progress and have a financially rewarding career. Five years from now I see myself as a dynamic branch manager of a public sector bank.


Model answer # 2 (experienced)

I am Fatema Naved Shaikh. I belong to Rajkot, Gujarat. I completed my graduation in commerce with distinction. My family comprises of me and my mother. My mother is a retired banker. Singing and traveling are my hobbies. I am an extrovert and like to interact with new people. Currently I am working as a Junior Officer in a leisure travel company. My job profile includes handling customer inquiries and assisting the branch manager in day to day communication with head office and local vendors. Owing to my mother’s job in a bank I have grown up in a banking culture have been familiar with basic banking operations from an early age. I believe that a bank job is perfectly suitable for me as I have good communication skills, which shall help me in daily interaction with account holders and a good understanding of banking operations shall be an added advantage. Besides my mother – Chanda Kochhar, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Naina Kidwai and Shikha Sharma are my idols and I aspire to be one of them in future.


We hope you found this post useful. If you have any better model answers for ‘tell me about yourself’ please write it in the comment box.


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