SSC CGLE 2015: How to Determine ‘Preference for Posts’? SSC CGLE 2015: How to Determine ‘Preference for Posts’?
SSC CGLE 2015: Smart ways to Determine ‘Preference for Posts’ Friends, Much awaited SSC  CGLE 2015 notification has been released. In the coming weeks... SSC CGLE 2015: How to Determine ‘Preference for Posts’?

SSC CGLE 2015: Smart ways to Determine ‘Preference for Posts’


  • Much awaited SSC  CGLE 2015 notification has been released. In the coming weeks lakhs of candidates across India will be applying for this exam.
  • Amongst several queries pertaining to various aspects of this exam, the most common one is about ‘Preference for Posts’.
  • While most of the candidates do not have a fair idea about how to fill this section, there are certain candidates who just fill it very casually.
  • We at believe that ‘Preference for Posts’ is a very crucial aspect of SSC CGLE exam which has far reaching implications on an aspirant’s future.
  • Before delving deep into this topic, let us put it very clearly that this article is not about providing information on job profiles, pay hikes and promotions in various posts under SSC – CGL. Rather, we will be discussing the means to collect information about these posts and the correct approach to determine ‘Preference for Posts’ based on the collected information.
  • Now let us understand, why ‘Preference for Posts’ is of utmost importance? Consider the following extract from SSC CGLE official notification:

“Once the candidate has been given his/her first available preference, he/she will not be considered for the other options. Candidates are, therefore, advised to exercise preference in Application Form carefully. The option /preference once exercised by the Candidates will be treated as FINAL and IRREVERSIBLE. Subsequent request for change of allocation/service by candidates will not be entertained under any circumstances/ reasons.”

  • Thus it is clear that despite of securing good marks in the written exam, any negligence in filling the ‘Preference for Post’ may put you in a Job which does not match your expectations and personality. In this case you will be left with no other option but to quit that job. This will eventually leads to wastage of time, energy and resources.

Hereby we present a step – by – step approach to determine ‘Preference for Posts’:


  • Step 1: Check Your Eligibility: Various posts have specific eligibility criteria.
  1. Age Limit: As per official notification there are 7 different Age Limit bands applicable to various posts. For each post check your age limit eligibility including relaxation of Upper age limit for specific categories.
  2. Educational Qualification: Essential qualification for post of Compiler and Statistical Investigator Grade – II is different from other posts.
  3. Physical standards and Physical test: The posts of Inspectors (Central Excise/Examiner/Preventive Officer/Inspector & Sub-Inspector in CBN), post of sub –inspector in Central Bureau of Investigation and National Investigation Agency have certain Physical standards and physical tests of qualifying nature.
  4. No. of Attempts: For the post of Assistant in CSS, candidate shall have not more than three attempts unless covered by any of the exceptions notified by Government of India.

From all the posts mentioned in the notification, strike off those posts for which you are not eligible as per above mentioned parameters.


  • Step 2: Collect information from Primary sources: By Primary sources, we mean information from those individuals who are currently on the job in any of the posts filtered by you in Step 1. These individuals can be spotted by using your social network and contacts. It is obvious that nobody will have such social circle wherein one can find individuals in all the Job posts mentioned in SSC – CGL. However try to use not just your social network but also of your friend’s who too are appearing for this exam. You can either meet up or have a telephonic conversation with these individuals. They are the best source to procure real, authentic and verified information about the respective posts. While interacting with them you should centre your questions pertaining to the daily work, opportunities and challenges, career path. Try avoiding questions about salary. Your approach should reflect that you are seeking guidance and not conducting any interview or survey. Another advantage of this activity is that you can get a sneak peak at his/her lifestyle, work culture and way of thinking. While concluding your interaction, ask for any reference about persons he/she knows in other post who can be approached for similar guidance. This entire activity should be conducted in next 5 -6 days max.


  • Step 3: Collect information from Secondary sources: This indeed is the easy way out whereby you just Google the keywords ‘SSC CGL Job preference’ or ’SSC CGL Job Profile’. The search result will throw up several education websites which have provided information pertaining to various posts in terms of pay, promotions, type of work etc. Just go through the top 5 search result links for each keyword. However we do not vouch for the authenticity of the information procured from these websites. Candidates are advised to believe such information only if it appeals to their own conscience.


  • Step 4: Determine your Likings, Inclination and Compatibility: Friends, this is a very important step as it will help you to reflect upon your individual likings and preferences. You just need to take time for yourself and visualize the kind of work life you would like to have. Ask following questions to yourself.
  1. Would you prefer a desk job which has well defined task parameters and timelines, or would you prefer to venture out in the open world and take up new challenges every day?
  2. Are you Mobile (within India + abroad)?
  3. Can you tradeoff between your comfort zones vs. quick promotions?
  4. While contemplating these questions, candidates who are Unmarried also need to add one more dimension i.e. how would your priorities and social dynamics change post marriage and kids?
  5. For those candidates who intend to take up SSC CGL jobs as a career security before appearing for other exams like Civil Services should give priority to post which has well defined work hours.

The objective behind this step is to determine the order of preference. You should not omit any post for which you are eligible but do not think you are compatible. The SSC CGLE official notification clearly states that “He/She would not be considered for any post, if he/she has not indicated his preference for such posts.”  Thus you do not want to end up with a situation in which you get Babaji ka Thullu despite of qualifying for a post you are eligible for. 


  • Step 5: Based on Steps 1 -4 make your final list of Preferences and fill up the application form. Make sure that your Preference for Posts includes all those posts for which you are eligible.

It is rightly said that ‘Man proposes and God disposes’. Friends, there is no guarantee that ‘Preference for Posts’ determined by you through above mentioned approach will ensure a successful career. Success in actual job is dependent on variable factors. But we believe that this is the most logical and scientific way to determine ‘Preference for Posts’ in SSC CGLE.

In short this approach provokes you to think rationally have a long term vision. This shall help you to match your personal inclination and expectations with the nature of Job you will be undertaking.

All the Best!

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