IBPS PO Interview Tips – Do’s and Don’ts IBPS PO Interview Tips – Do’s and Don’ts
IBPS PO Interview Tips     Friends, hereby we are providing some important tips for IBPS PO Interview. Following these tips will keep you... IBPS PO Interview Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

IBPS PO Interview Tips



Friends, hereby we are providing some important tips for IBPS PO Interview. Following these tips will keep you on the right track throughout the interview process



  • The first thing you need to do after downloading the Interview Call Letter is to separately note down Interview Date, Time and Venue. These details should be double checked as any error/negligence may lead to undesirable consequences
  • If your interview is at outstation venue, it is advisable to make your travel arrangements in advance so that you may arrive in the city at least 24 hours before the interview. This helps in getting familiar with city’s climatic conditions and road traffic.
  • Whether your interview is at outstation venue or within your city, it is always recommended to visit the venue once before the interview day. This gives you some familiarity with the route to interview venue and also the facilities and arrangements at the location.
  • Proper sleep is essential for optimum performance in any task that involves mental abilities. Thus you should go to bed early on the day prior to interview.
  • It is utmost important to browse through the newspaper on the interview day. This will help you to answer a common interview questions i.e. ‘tell us about today’s headlines/ top 5 news’?
  • Before leaving your residence/hotel for interview, make sure to carry all required documents
  • If the interview is in morning slot, it is advisable to have a proper breakfast. This will provide you energy for rest of the day
  • At the interview venue, while waiting for your turn, you may have a light conversation with fellow interviewees. This may help you to overcome nervousness of interacting with unknown people.
  • Few minutes before entering the interview room, have a mouth freshener. It is better to have mint candies rather than chewing gums or pan masala
  • Switch off your mobile phone before entering the interview room.
  • Before entering the interview room, seek permission – ‘May I come in Sir/Madam’?
  • After entering the interview room, greet the members (Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening). If there are three members greet them individually and if there are more than three members, just browse your eyes across them and greet twice or thrice. It is advisable to greet Female member individually
  • While greeting the members carry a light smile on your face
  • Sit in an upright posture. Do not lean too much to your back or forward.
  • Be very attentive and listen to the questions carefully, as not listening to the questions may reflect a negative impression
  • However, after listening to the question, you do not understand the context, you may seek further clarification
  • While answering the questions, speed of your speech should be moderate and your tone should be confident
  • While answering the questions maintain periodic eye contact with every member of the interview panel
  • Keep your answers precise and to the point
  • While exiting the interview room, thank all interviewers





  • On the day before the interview do not go for parties where you may be tempted to have alcoholic drinks. This may lead to hangover on the interview day itself
  • If your interview slot is in noon session, avoid having heavy food as it may lead to drowsiness before the interview. Prefer to have a light snack or juice.
  • Before your interview begins, avoid having too much of water intake, as owing to nervousness, you may get an urge to go to the washroom during the interview. This will put you in an embarrassing situation.
  • Incase if you have interaction with fellow interviewees at interview location, do not discuss about questions that can be asked. This may make you nervous if you have not prepared for those questions.
  • Do not smoke or chew pan masala before the interview
  • On entering the interview room, do not greet the member with ‘Hi’ Hello’ ‘Hey’. It sounds very casual
  • Do not initiate a handshake. If the interviewer initiates a handshake, gladly accept it
  • After entering the interview room and greeting all the members do not sit down unless you are asked to do so
  • While sitting on the chair, do not make noise by dragging the chair
  • Do not start answering before the interviewer has completed the question
  • You should not answer questions as if you have memorized it and are recalling it. You should answer in an interactive manner
  • Do not give unnecessary examples/illustration or quotes in your answers. Keep it simple
  • If you do not know answer to few questions, do not bluff or beat around bush. The interviewers are too smart and much more experienced to figure it out
  • Do not give negative comments about your past employer or about your past work experience (if any)
  • Do not resort to humour during interviews. Depending on the mood/temperament of the interviewer he/she may tag you as a casual candidate and may even feel offended
  • Do not laugh out loud if in case the interviewer resorts to humour. Just acknowledge it with a light smile
  • While interviewer is putting his view/opinion, do not cut him short. Allow him to complete the sentence.
  • Do not get too friendly with the interviewer
  • Do not flaunt your contacts with influential and famous people during the interview.
  • Do not stretch the arguments with the interviewer if he/she does not agree with your opinion. After one or two counter arguments, just concede by saying ‘I will think it over’
  • Your answers to opinion based questions should not be extremist. Give a logical answer having moderate implications. Interviewers like balanced candidates.
  • Do not bang the door while exiting the interview room




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