How to Prepare for Bank Exam Interviews – Step by Step Guide How to Prepare for Bank Exam Interviews – Step by Step Guide
How to Prepare for Bank Exam Interviews Hello friends, Interview is an integral part of Bank recruitment process. Hereby, we are providing a step-by-step... How to Prepare for Bank Exam Interviews – Step by Step Guide

How to Prepare for Bank Exam Interviews

Hello friends,

Interview is an integral part of Bank recruitment process. Hereby, we are providing a step-by-step guide to prepare for bank interviews. Interview preparation guidelines outlined in this post will be useful for aspiring candidates of IBPS PO, IBP Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI PO and SBI Clerk exams.


Step 1: Understanding the Importance of Interview

From Bank Exams perspective, preparing well for interview is of utmost importance owing to following two reasons:

Reason 1: A candidate has to secure minimum qualifying marks in the interview for being considered for further shortlisting

Reason 2: Marks scored in interview are clubbed with marks scored in written examination for arriving at final merit. Thus scoring well in interview can give a decisive edge in situations where competition is fierce and cut-off is expected to be high

Thus we advise aspiring candidates to allocate considerable time for interview preparation in the overall study plan along with preparation for written examination


Step 2: Structure of Bank Interview

Many candidates who have never faced any interview, are often nervous as to how the overall process of interview is carried out.

  • Bank interviews are typically conducted in a closed hall, meeting room or chamber
  • There is a panel of interviewers i.e. around 3 to 6 member in a panel
  • The panel members are senior/experienced bankers
  • A single interview panel may conduct interviews of several candidates turn by turn as per pre-allotted time slot
  • Interview may last for 15 – 30 minutes. However in certain cases it may even stretch up to 45 minutes
  • Individual time slot can be anytime between morning 9.00 am to evening 7.00 pm
  • Before the interview, document verification is carried out for every candidate



Step 3: Knowing about Frequently Asked Bank Interview Questions

Questions asked in Bank interviews can be placed under following broad categories:

  • Bio data related questions
  • Questions pertaining to career orientation
  • Factual questions about Banking Knowledge and recent developments in Banking/Economy
  • Basic GK and Current Affairs
  • Situation based/Hypothetical Questions


Step 4: What do Interviewers try to assess?

While preparing answers for above listed frequently asked questions, it is necessary to have knowledge of what exactly interviewers are looking for or what are they trying to assess.

Bank interviews are designed to assess following qualities of a candidate:

  • Overall appearance and basic etiquettes – You should be presentable and well behaved
  • Oral communication and language skills
  • Depth and range of knowledge + Analytical abilities
  • Approach – Confident + Positive + Enthusiastic
  • Sincerity and honesty towards work
  • Other traits – flexibility/adaptability, leadership quality, team spirit, creativity and problem solving abilities

In a nutshell, the interviewers try to assess your overall suitability for the job you have applied for


Step 5: Sources and Methods to Prepare for Bank interview

Cultivating a Banker’s Mindset:

Once you make up your mind to pursue a career in banking, you should start imagining yourself as a reputed banker. Thus you should ‘Think, ACT and BEHAVE’ like a banker.

Study Material:

  • Refer a standard book on banking awareness for preparing the basic Banking concepts. This will not only help you for interviews but would also in written examination.
  • Closely follow current affairs from one reputed newspaper (preferably a financial newspaper like Economic Times of Financial Express) and one magazine for competitive exams
  • Form a daily habit of reading the editorial from newspaper. This will develop your analytical ability and will also help you in forming opinion about recent events.



Frame model answers

  • You should prepare model answers for Frequently Asked Bank Interview Questions. Your model answer should incorporate necessary facts and terminology and should be grammatically correct.
  • This will give you a framework on which you can answer related questions with confidence.
  • The length of model answer should ideally be in the range of 50-60 seconds while speaking out.


After finalizing your model answer, rehearse by speaking out those answers in front of the mirror. While rehearsing, pay attention to your voice tone and speed. Also pay attention to your posture and body language aspects like hand gestures.

Facing mock interviews

  • It is always advisable to opt for paid mock interviews conducted by various coaching institutes. These mock interviews give you an actual feeling of facing an interview. However if you cannot afford it or there are no such mock interviews being conducted in your city, then there is nothing to worry
  • As an alternative you can conduct a mock interview yourself with the help of your friend, relatives or neighbors. Just take a print out of frequently asked bank interview questions and hand it over to them. Then as per their convenience you can ask them to conduct your mock interview. Post conducting such mock interviews, you should seek their feedback as to how much they rate you on qualities mentioned in Step 4.


This is a powerful technique used by some very successful sports personalities and celebrities in the show biz. All you need to do is, sit comfortable with a calm mind and close your eyes. Thereafter visualize yourself – entering the interview room – greeting the members – introducing yourself – confidently answering various questions asked by interviewers – satisfactorily exiting the interview room. Doing this exercise repeatedly will help you overcome any fear or nervousness at the time of interview.


Concluding Tip:

Qualities listed in Step 4 cannot be cultivated overnight, thus we strongly recommend that your preparation for interview should begin right from the moment you decide to appear for Bank examinations.


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All The Best

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