Banking Awareness March 2016 Banking Awareness March 2016
Banking Awareness March 2016     Friends, Following questions are based on important Banking, Economy and Finance sector news for the month of March... Banking Awareness March 2016

Banking Awareness March 2016




Following questions are based on important Banking, Economy and Finance sector news for the month of March 2016:


(Q.1) From the quarter ending on 31st March 2016, the RBI will discontinue a two-year-old provision where banks had to submit data pertaining to NEFT transactions by walk-in customers not having a bank account. What does abbreviation NEFT stand for?

  1. National Earnings Financial Transfer
  2. National Electronic Funds Transfer
  3. National Electronic Funds Transaction
  4. National Earnings Financial Transaction


(Q.2) In March 2016, which private sector bank had launched ‘SmartUp’, a dedicated solution for startups to fulfill all their banking needs?

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. Yes Bank
  4. Axis Bank


(Q.3) According to a recent study by ASSOCHAM, which state has highest share (over 17 per cent) in the total live investments worth about Rs 33 lakh crore attracted by manufacturing sector across India?

  1. Odisha
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Gujarat
  4. Maharashtra


(Q.4) Which public sector bank has recently introduced a first of its kind investment facility that allows a retail customer to invest in government bonds using the bank’s ATM?

  1. State Bank of India
  2. Bank of Baroda
  3. Punjab National Bank
  4. IDBI Bank

(Q.5) Which former cricketer has entered into a joint venture with fashion retailer Arvind Fashion Brands to launch a premium men’s apparel brand named ‘True Blue’?

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Saourav Ganguly
  3. Virender Sehwag
  4. Rahul Dravid


(Q.6) Seeking to attract more foreign investment, Govt. has allowed ______ % FDI in insurance sector under automatic route

  1. 34%
  2. 49%
  3. 51%
  4. 100%


(Q.7) Which among the following Big Four Accounting Firms has been selected by India Post to advise it on setting up a payments bank?

  1. KPMG
  2. Ernst & Young
  3. Deloitte
  4. PriceWaterHouseCoopers


(Q.8) Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) is a Credit Ratings firm, owned by the Government of which country?

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. Israel
  4. Russia


(Q.9) The Union Cabinet has approved a first ever national capital goods policy that seeks to reduce reliance on imported equipment by incentivising domestic production and in the process, creating crores of jobs. The policy seeks to increase production of capital goods from Rs 2.3 lakh crore in 2014-15 to Rs 7.5 lakh crore in which year?

  1. 2025
  2. 2023
  3. 2022
  4. 2020

(Q.10) Which private sector bank has become the first financial institution in India to  unveil contactless mobile payment solution (dubbed as ‘touch and pay’) to enable its credit and debit customers make in-store contactless payments by just waving their Smartphone near an NFC-enabled merchant terminal?

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. Yes Bank
  4. Axis Ban


(Q.11) In March 2016, Mrugank Paranjape was appointed as new MD & CEO of:

  1. National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  2. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  3. Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX)
  4. United Stock Exchange of India



(Q.12) Union government and Madhya Pradesh state government have signed a US$ 300 million credit agreement with which international financial organisation for the ‘MP higher education quality improvement project’?

  1. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  2. New Development Bank (NDB)
  3. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  4. World Bank


(Q.13) In March 2016, which among the following public sector banks was granted operating license by Myanmar?

  1. Bank of Baroda
  2. State Bank of India
  3. Punjab National Bank
  4. Corporation Bank


(Q.14) Engineers of which famous tech company are working with U.N. child agency UNICEF to analyze data in an effort to map and anticipate the spread of the Zika virus, linked to birth defects among children in Brazil?

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Microsoft


(Q.15) Which among the following has become the first Indian company to join a global energy campaign (titled ‘EP100) led by an international non-profit group (The Climate Group), that will work with the world’s most influential businesses in setting commitments to double their energy productivity?

  1. Tata Motors
  2. Ashok Leyland
  3. Mahindra & Mahindra
  4. Bajaj auto

(Q.16) Which ‘oil and gas’ company has bagged five awards at FICCI Safety Systems Excellence Award in Manufacturing?

  1. ONGC
  2. Cairn India
  3. Reliance Industries
  4. BPCL


(Q.17) Who among the following has been appointed as new President of Paytm?

  1. Vijay Dixit
  2. Shekhar Bhujbal
  3. Bhushan Patil
  4. Vinod Jadav


(Q.18) Under what name, Federal bank has opened incubation centers for startups?

  1. ‘Springboard’
  2. ‘Launchpad’
  3. ‘Takeoff’
  4. ‘Jumpstart’


(Q.19) Which among the following pairs of Brands & Brand Ambassadors is CORRECT?

  1. Reebok – Kangana Ranaut
  2. Huawei – Lionel Messi
  3. Sun Pharma’s Revital H – M S Dhoni
  4. All of the above


(Q.20) As per data available in annual report of National Savings Institute, which state comes on top in terms of gross small savings collection?

  1. Haryana
  2. West Bengal
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Karnataka


(Q.21) Which entity will be raising the proposed Rs 10,000-crore corpus for ‘Stand Up India Fund’ from RBI, which will be disbursed to Dalit and women entrepreneurs?

  2. Bhartiya Mahila Bank
  3. SIDBI
  4. MUDRA Bank


(Q.22) On 8th March 2016 (International Women’s’ Day), Yes Bank launched an all-women operated bank branch ‘Yes Grace’ in _____________ aimed at offering customised banking solutions to women

  1. Kolkata
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Mumbai
  4. New Delhi


(Q.23) In March 2016, which international organization launched its first Uridashi Masala Bonds (Japanese bonds) to mobilise Rs 30 crore from Japanese retail investors, which will be used for promoting private sector development in India?

  1. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
  2. New Development Bank (NDF)
  3. International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  4. Asian Development Bank (ADB)



(Q.24) In March 2016, which private sector bank launched credit-linked subsidy scheme for home loans under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’, wherein individuals including women borrowers from the economically weaker section and low income group will be able to acquire and construct the first brick-and-mortar (pucca) house of the family by paying significantly lower Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs)?

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
  3. Karnataka Bank
  4. ICICI Bank


(Q.25) According to a recent study on ‘Women On Board 2016’, India has secured the ______ rank (with 7% score) globally in terms of presence of women members on boards of companies

  1. 21st rank
  2. 26th rank
  3. 31st rank
  4. 36th rank


(Q.26) According to a recent study on ‘Women On Board 2016’, ________ has topped the chart with over 40 per cent score in terms of presence of women members on boards of companies

  1. Sweden
  2. Switzerland
  3. Norway
  4. Germany


(Q.27) As per a recent study by ASSOCHAM, which two states contribute 46% to India’s total exports?

  1. Gujarat and Maharashtra
  2. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu
  3. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu
  4. Maharashtra and Karnataka


(Q.28) In March 2016, which private sector bank announced that its personnel department has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification?

  1. Catholic Syrian Bank
  2. IndusInd Bank
  3. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  4. South Indian Bank


(Q.29) As per a survey by Morgan Stanley, which country is expected to overtake the US as the second-largest Smartphone market in 2017 with robust annual growth?

  1. India
  2. Brazil
  3. Russia
  4. Japan


(Q.30) The second edition of the BankersRetreat, the Gyan Sangam, was held at State Bank of India (SBI) academy at ________ on 4th and 5th March 2016

  1. Mumbai
  2. Gurgaon
  3. New Delhi
  4. Chennai


(Q.31) Name ICICI Bank’s initiative, which is a first-of-its-kind programme that allows women employees to work from home

  1. ‘HomeMaker’
  2. ‘HomeBanker’
  3. ‘iWork@Home’
  4. ‘BankerWoman’


(Q.32) Which company has been conferred the Research Investor Communication Award amongst the “Large Corporates” category for following transparent and fair communication practices?

  1. NHPC Ltd.
  2. Power Grid Corp
  3. Neyveli Lignite
  4. NTPC Ltd.


(Q.33) As per data released by security solutions firm Symantec,  India ranks ______ among countries with high number of financial Trojan infections, where cybercriminals defraud customers of online banking services

  1. third
  2. fourth
  3. fifth
  4. sixth


(Q.34) Economic think-tank NCAER has drawn up a list of 21 states with most investment potential. Which state has topped this list?

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Gujarat
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Karnataka


(Q.35) In March 2016, Government gave approval to _____% FDI in the marketplace format of e-commerce retailing with a view to attract more foreign investments

  1. 49%
  2. 51%
  3. 74%
  4. 100%


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