Abbreviations (Banking & Finance) Abbreviations (Banking & Finance)
Abbreviations (Banking & Finance) Hello Friends, We hereby provide you list of Abbreviations important for Banking exams. Please note that in competitive exams questions... Abbreviations (Banking & Finance)

Abbreviations (Banking & Finance)

Hello Friends,

We hereby provide you list of Abbreviations important for Banking exams. Please note that in competitive exams questions pertaining to abbreviations would either be straightforward –  eg. What is the full form of FRBM? Or it might be twisted – eg. What does letter ‘F’ stand for in FRBM?

However more important is to memorise these abbreviations with an alert mind, as while attempting these questions in the heat of examination condition you might get into a dilemma within similar sounding/meaning options.

Example of Dilemma:

(Q.1) What is the full form of ‘FRBM’?

  1. Financial Responsibility and Budget Management
  2. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
  3. Fiscal Resources and Budget Management
  4. Financial Resources and Budget Management

Those candidates, who have prepared the abbreviations without an eye for detail, may easily get confused between ‘Fiscal & Financial’ or ‘Responsibility & Resources’. Thus it is advisable to pay attention to every letter within the abbreviation.

We hope this compilation will be helpful for your preparation. 

List of Abbreviations – Banking & Finance

AD Authorised Dealer
ADFAutomated Data Flow
ADRAmerican Depository Receipt
AEAdvanced Economy
AEPSAadhar Enabled Payment Systems
AICAkaike Information criterion
AML/CFTAnti-Money Laundering/Combating Financing of Terrorism
ANBCAdjusted Net bank Credit
APMCAgricultural Produce Marketing Committees
ARMSAudit and Risk Management Sub-committee
ATBsAuction Treasury Bills
ATM Automated teller Machine
BC Business Correspondent
BCBSBasel Committee on Banking Supervision
BCMBusiness Continuity Management
BCPBusiness Continuity Plan
BCPsBasel Core Principles
BCSBIBanking Code and Standards Board of India
BEBudget Estimates
BFSBoard for Financial Supervision
BoPBalance of Payments
BPMBalance of Payments Manual
BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
BPRBusiness Process Reengineering
bpsBasis Points
BSEBombay Stock Exchange
CABCollege of Agricultural Banking
CADCurrent Account Deficit
CAPIOSCentral Assistant Public Information Officers
CBLOCollateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation
CBSCore Banking Solution
CBSECentral Board of Secondary Education
CCBCapital Conservation Buffer
CCB (Ch X)Committee of Central Board
CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.
CCPCentral Counter Parties
CDCertificate of Deposit
CDSCredit Default Swaps
CFTCCommodities Futures Trading Commission
CGTMSECredit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises
CIC Central Information Commission
CILCoal India Ltd.
CNPCard Not Present
CODCommercial Operations Date
CoRCertificate of Registration
CPCard Present
CPIConsumer Price Index
CPSCentralised Payment System
CPSSCommittee on Payments and Settlements System
CRARCapital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio
CRCSCentral Registrar of Cooperative Societies
CRECommercial Real Estate
CRRCash Reserve Ratio
CSFConsolidated Sinking Fund
CSOCentral Statistics Office
CSPCustomer Service Point
CTSCheque Truncation System
CUCapacity Utilisation
CWCCentral Water Commission
DCCBDistrict Central Cooperative Bank
DDADiamond Dollar Account
DICGCDeposit Insurance Credit Guarantee Corporation
DIFDeposit Insurance Fund
DMTDirect Money Transfer
DPDynamic Provisioning
DR Disaster Recovery
DRIDifferential Rate of Interest
DTCDirect Tax Code
DvPDelivery versus Payment
EBTElectronic Benefit Transfer
ECBEuropean Central Bank
ECBsExternal Commercial Borrowings
ECCSExpress Cheque Clearing System
ECSElectronic Clearing Services
EDEsEmerging and Developing Economies
EEFCExchange Earner's Foreign Currency
EFSFEuropean Financial Stability Facility
EFSMEuropean Financial Stability Mechanism
EFTElectronic Fund Transfer
EKPEnterprise Knwoledge Portal
ELExpected Loss
EMEsEmerging Market Economies
ERPTExchange Rate Pass-Through
ESMEuropean Stability Mechanism
ETFExchange Traded Fund
EUEuropean Union
FCFinancial Conglomerate
FCCBForeign Currency Convertible Bond
FCIFinancial Conditions Index
FDIForeign Direct Investment
FEMAForeign Exchange Management Act
FIIsForeign Institutional Investors
FIMDAFixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association
FIPFinancial Inclusion Plan
FIRFirst Information Report
FisFinancial Institutions
FLCFinancial Literacy Centre
FLCCFinancial Literacy and Credit Counselling Centre
FRBM ActFiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act
FSAFuel Supply Agreement
FSAPFinancial Secor Assessment Programme
FSBFinancial Stability Board
FSDCFinancial Stability and Development Council
GAHGilt Account Holder
GCCsGeneral Credit Cards
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDRGlobal Depository Recipt
GDSGross Domestic Savings
GFCFGross Fixed Capital Formation
GFDGross Fiscal Deficit
GHGsGreen House Gases
GNPGross National Product
GoIGovernment of India
GRFGuarantee Redemption Fund
GRMGrievance Redressal Mechanism
G-SecGovernment Securites
GSTGoods and Services Tax
H-PHodrick Prescott
HTMheld To Maturiy
HVCHigh Value Clearing
IADIInternational Association of Deposit Insurers
IASIndian Accounting Standards
IBAIndian Banks Association
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
IDFInfrastructure Debt Fund
IDRBTInstitute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards
IGIDRIndira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
IIBMIndian Institute of Bank Management
IIPIndex of Industrial Production
IMDIndian Meteorological Department
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMOInternational Money Order
INRIndian Rupee
INRMIntegrated Natural Resource Management
IOSCOInternational Organisation of Securities Commission
IPInternet Protocol
IPMIntegrated Pest Management
IPOInitial Public Offering
IRDInterest Rate Derivatives
IRDAInsurance Regulatory and Development Authority
IRFInterest Rate Futures
IRSInterest rate Swaps
IS AuditsInformation System Audits
ISOInternational Organisation fro Standardisation
ITInformation Technology
ITBIntermediate Treasury Bills
ITPIndia-IMF Training Programme
KCCKisan Credit card
KYCKnow Your Customer
LAFLiquidity Adjustment Facility
LCLetter of Credit
LDMLead District Manager
LEISALow External Input Sustainable Agriculture
LRSLiberalised Remittance Scheme
LTROLong Term Refinancing Operations
MASIManagement Audit System Inspection
MEFSMedium-term Expenditure Framework Statement
MFIMicrofinance Institution
MFsMutual Funds
MGNREGAMahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MNOsMobile Network Operators
MoUMemorandum of Understanding
MSEMicro and Small Enterprises
MSFMarginal Standing Facility
MSMEMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
MTMillion Tonnes
NABARDNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NAMNorm of Absolute Values
NBFCsNon-Banking Financial Companies
NCAERNational Council of Applied Economic Research
NCDNon-Convertible Debentures
NCERTNational Council of Educational Research and Training
NDANet Domestic Assets
NDFNon-Deliverable Forwards
NDS-OMNegotiated Dealing System -Order Matching System
NDTLnet Demand and Time Liabilites
NECSNational Electronic Clearing Services
NEFTNational Electronic Fund Transfer
NERNorth-East Region
NFANet Foreign Assets
NGONon-Governmental Organisation
NG-RTGSNext Generation RTGS
NHAINational Highways authority of India
NHBNational housing Bank
NIBMNational Institute of Bank Managemnt
NIFNational Investment Fund
NIMNet Interest Margin
NMIZNational Manufacturing Investment Zone
NOCNo Objection certificate
NOFNet Owned Funds
NOOPLNet Overnight Open Position Limit
NPANon Performing Asset
NPCINational Payment Corporation of India
NRINon-Resident Indian
NSMNote Sorting Machine
OBCOther Backward Classes
OECDOrganisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
OMOOpen Market Operations
OPECOrganisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
ORFSOnline Return Filing System
OTCOver The Counter
PACSPrimary Agricultural Credit Societies
PDPrimary Dealer
PDOPublic Debt Office
PFRDAPension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
PIOsPersons of Indian Origin
POLPetroleum, Oil and Lubricants
POSPoint of Sale
PPIPre-Paid Payment Instrument
PPPPublci Private Partnership
PRNProduction-Weighted Rainfall Index
PSBPublic Sector Bank
PSLCsPriority Sector Lending Certificates
PSS ActPayment and Settlements Systems Act
PSUPublic Sector Undertaking
P2PPerson to Person
QFIsQualified Foreign Investors
R&DResearch and Development
RBIReserve Bank of India
RBIARisk Based Internal Audit
RBSCReserve Bank Staff College
RCSRegistrat of Cooperative Societies
RERevised Estimates
RECSRegional Electronic Clearing Services
REERReal Effective Exchange Rate
RFCResident Foreign Currency
RIDFRural Infrastructure Investment Fund
RMDRisk Management Department
ROAReturn on Assets
ROEReturn on Equity
RRBRegional Rural Banks
RTGSReal Time Gross Settlement System
RTIRight to Information
S&PStandard & Poor's
SAARCSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SCScheduled Castes
SCBScheduled Commercial Bank
SCIStructural Change Index
SDSSpecial Dispensation Scheme
SEBISecurities and Exchange Board of India
SECSecurities and Exchange Commission
SFMSStructured Financial Messaging Soultion
SGLSubsidiary General Ledger
SHGSelf Help Group
SIDBISmall Industries Development Bank of India
SLBCsState Level Bankers' Committee
SLRStatutory Liquidity Ratio
SPDUsState Power Distribution Utilities
StCBState Cooperative Bank
STCRCShort Term Cooperative Rural Credit
SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TAGTechnical Advisory Group
T - billTreasury Bill
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
ThFCThirteenth Finance Commission
TPDSTargeted Public Distribution System
TRsTrade Repositories
UCBsUrban Cooperative Banks
USDUS Dollar
USSDUnstructured Supplementary Serivece Data
VA-PTVulnerability Assessment - Penetration Testing
VARVector Auto Regression
VCVideo Conferencing
VDIVirtual Desktop Interface
WADRWeighted Average Discount Rate
WAEIRWeightaed Average Effective Interest Rate
WLAWhite Label ATMs
WMAWays and Means Advances
WPIWholesale Price Index
WPRWork Participation Rate
XMLExtensible Mark-up Language
ZTCZonal Training Centre

Source: RBI Website

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